Matthew Guthaus

Professor, Computer Science and Engineering

Matthew Guthaus

VLSI Design & Automation Lab

Welcome to the UC Santa Cruz VLSI Design Automation (VLSI-DA) group web page. VLSI-DA was founded at UC Santa Cruz in Fall 2006. The primary research focus of the group is on physical design, circuits, and algorithms research for Computer-Aided Design (CAD) tools for large-scale circuit optimization. Topics being investigated include design for low-power circuits, variability and reliability, thermal-aware design, and error tolerant circuit design.


The OpenRAM project aims to provide a free, open-source memory compiler development framework for Random-Access Memories (RAMs). It is a joint development project between University of California Santa Cruz and Oklahoma State University to enable memory and computer system research by creating an open-source compiler infrastructure.

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Current-Mode Clocking

In a high-performance computer system design, the clock network consumes a significant amount of power and causes the most switching noise. High power consumption requires larger batteries while switching noise degrades the accuracy of sensitive sensor measurements in modern Systems-on-Chips. Prof. Matthew Guthaus, faculty in Computer Engineering, and his graduate student Riadul Islam, now a faculty at University of Michigan Dearborn, have developed the concept of a current-mode clock distribution to address these problems. Current-mode clocking senses current flow rather than a traditional voltage swing in clock wires and thereby eliminates most of the noise and power problems in traditional clock distribution schemes. Current-mode clocking simultaneously increases the potential maximum speeds of computer chips for performance improvements. Related papers:

Resonant and Charge-Recovery Clocking

Electromagnetic Interference