Matthew Guthaus

Professor, Computer Science and Engineering

Matthew Guthaus


VLSI-DA lab has two papers at ISCAS 2023

The VLSI-DA lab (and collaborators) presented two papers at ISCAS 2023 in Monterey, CA. These included: SRAM Design with OpenRAM in SkyWater 130nm by Jesse Cirimelli-Low, Muhammed Hadir Khan, Samuel Crow, Amogh Lonkar, Bugra Onal, Andrew Zonenberg, Matthew Guthaus OpenSpike: An OpenRAM SNN Accelerator by Farhad Modaresi, Matthew Guthaus, Jason Eshraghian Congrats to everyone on two great papers!

NSF report led by UCSC computer engineer offers guidance for the future of chip design and manufacturing

Although semiconductor chips affect nearly every facet of American life from cell phones to cars to healthcare, the country is facing a shortage of both the hardware itself and students educated to take on jobs in design and manufacturing. A new report from a National Science Foundation (NSF) steering committee led by UC Santa Cruz Professor of Computer Science and Engineering Matthew Guthaus offers guidance on revitalizing the hardware workforce by increasing access to education.

UCSC researchers awarded a record number of patents last year

UC Santa Cruz researchers were awarded 26 new patents in the last fiscal year, a record number for the campus. The new patents include novel compounds with potential medical uses, innovations in computer chip architecture, and new methods for genome assembly and analysis of genomic sequencing data. “Thanks to the outstanding efforts of our campus innovators, this represents a new high water mark for the UCSC campus, 27% more than our previous best of 20 patents in a single year,” said Vice Chancellor for Research Scott Brandt.

OpenRAM at International Conference on Supercomputing

Prof. Guthaus will be presenting his group’s latest work at the International Conference on Supercomputing (ICS) during the Workshop on RISC-V and OpenPOWER in HPC on June 14, 2021.