Matthew Guthaus

Professor, Computer Science and Engineering

Matthew Guthaus

Prospective Students

I’m always looking for good new students. A student in my group should have a good background in computer hardware and electronics. It’s equally important that students have a strong programming and software engineering background. This can take many forms but students should at least be proficient in one language (e.g. Python, C, C++, etc.) and should have a good understanding of computer systems including Linux.

You can apply at by the deadline (which for academic year 2024-25 is January 10, 2024). Please apply to CSE (not ECE) and specify “Design Automation” as your main area of interest.

You are welcome to email me your CV, but I cannot review them until after you apply with a complete application with recommendations, your statement of purpose, etc. While I have funding for research positions, I cannot commit until I see a full application submitted. I will then contact the top applicants for further discussions. I look forward to seeing your application!

IMPORTANT: To help evaluate candidates, I’m also asking that prospective students send me an example of code that you wrote and of which you are proud. This can be an assignment, a side project, or a research project. This should be “good code” that represents your software development skills. It does not need to be the complete program, but tell me what your contribution is if it is a large one. Or, even better, please send me a link to an open source repository to which you contribute or your GitHub profile.